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Make #NotWasting a way of life – Environmental impact of food loss and waste

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Aliments, rien ne se jette, tout se transforme

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Make #NotWasting a way of life – The lost opportunity to feed the world

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Make #NotWasting a way of life – How much food is lost and wasted?

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WASTE – The environmental cost of food waste UNEP

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Food wastage footprint

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PDF1 PDF on FLW reduction Education materials for the Expected output ‘Empowerment of consumers, producers, retailers, schoolchildren and food operators to reduce food waste’
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 Additional Resources
  • Do good save food! Nine easy tips to reduce food waste!
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  • Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste
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  • Food wastage food print- Full cost accounting;
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Food Waste in the Hospitality Sector
  • Know-How-Guide-on-Managing-and-Reducing-Food-Waste-
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