Chairman's Message - Welcome to Mauritius

We are proud to welcome you to the 3rd International Conference on Recent Trends on Fitness, Health & Sports Science organized jointly by the International Federation for Fitness Health, Physical Education and Iron Games& the University of Mauritius in Mid-July 2016.

In this Digital Age, we need Sports Leaders to remain competitive in the uniqueness of Sports Field. The conference will provide substantive information in different avenues ranging from Fitness and Health, Education and Physical Education, Sports, Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, Combat, Sports Philosophy, Sports Nutrition, Sports Administration & Management, Sports Training, Health & Medicine, Aerobics and Strength Training amongst others.

This conference has been designed to allow a closer cooperation, networking opportunities and exchange of ideas with practical application among a number of Sports Scholars. The latest advances in sports technology, sports science and computational possibilities have revolutionized scientific disciplines for the welfare of our society.

The conference will be hosted at the University of Mauritius, located at Réduit, Moka, Mauritius. In addition, we hope you will enjoy the island and the hospitality, a famous quote from Mark Twain “God created Mauritius first and then heaven”.

Attendees will benefit both personal and professionally in this conference. Be prepared to form part of this once in a lifetime event in Mauritius. Check out the for the conference website.

To conclude, we are very happy to support this conference and we look forward to the discussions and to the contributions that the distinguished speakers and the audience will bring to the debate.

Assoc Prof B. Seetanah
& Mr A. Kistamah

 Important Dates & Deadlines
 Last date of abstract submission 10th June 2016 
 Notification of acceptance of Abstract (peer reviewed)      Within 15 days
 Last date of full paper submission  15th June 2016
 Last date for registration 20th June 2016

Global Fineness in Fitness, Health & Sports Sciences

Organized by

University of Mauritius in collaboration with International Federation for Fitness, Health, Physical Education
& Iron Games














The University of Mauritius in collaboration with International Federation for Fitness, Health, Physical Education & Iron Games invite delegates to participate in the 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RECENT TRENDS ON FITNESS, HEALTH & SPORTS SCIENCE to be held in Mauritius during the period 14-15 July 2016. The past two conferences were held Hyderabad (2014) and in Bangkok (2015). This conference will focus on the various topics on the recent trends in health and performance. This is a great opportunity for the delegates to attend and exchange their knowledge on this international platform. We are happy to announce the participation of some world class speakers who will discuss about the aspects of health and sports performance. The conference is expecting around 150 national and international delegates. Finally, in addition to a high quality and enriching research experience, we will also provide delegates with the opportunity to explore the idyllic island of Mauritius.

The Co chairs invite research and technical papers in the area of fitness, health, sport science and management.



 Papers in the following topics (but not limited) are welcomed.  

  1. Fitness and Health      
  2. Education and Physical Education                                                          
  3. Sports Psychology      
  4. Exercise Physiology      
  5. Sports Medicine
  6. Combat Sports            
  7. Sports Philosophy        
  8. Sports Nutrition
  9. Sports Administration & Management                
  10. Computer Science Education and Sports Training Using Technology
  11. Health & Medicine
  12. Aerobics and Strength Training

Please send abstracts (300 words maximum) and full papers (3000-4000 words) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Dr.Kaukab AZEEM Chairman Scientific Committee). All abstracts and papers will be peer reviewed.Abstracts will be published in the conference abstracts book and the accepted full papers will be published in the International Journal of fitness, Health, Physical Education & Iron Games, (ISSN 2349-722X), Thomson Reuters ID O-6684-2015.  

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