Faculty of Science - Acting Dean's Message

Dear Students of the University of Mauritius,

I wish you a good morning and a warm welcome to the Faculty of Science. It is both an immense honor and a huge privilege to address you my message today and welcome you all to our small but truly unique learning community at the University of Mauritius. We are proud of our brilliant academics, dedicated administrative staff and meritorious students & alumni.

I am sure that you are all feeling a lot of different emotions and you are asking yourself a lot of different questions just like I did during my induction day not so long ago. Rest assured that you have indeed made the right choice by choosing the University of Mauritius and the admissions office has no doubt done the right job by offering you a seat in the Faculty of Science because each one of you deserve to be here today for all the hard work that you have done.

However, your perseverance should not stop here as a new journey starts for you as from today. Indeed, as David Bly rightly said – “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted”.

During your study, you will most certainly come across a lot of challenges, so my advice to you is to step out of your comfort zone and embrace changes that will contribute to your integral growth and personal development. I also encourage you to question your peers and be open to the discussion of new ideas with our academics that will help you identify the right directions to build your career and make a difference in our society.

The pandemic that we are currently facing has encouraged our staff to rally around each other and devise ways to ensure that your learning process is not hampered. Online learning is now promoted at the University but you will still get the opportunity to interact in person with our academics during lab work and tutorial sessions. On that note, I hope you will make the most of your experience at the University, share our passion for Science, and bring something new that will help shape the future of our UoM community.

On behalf of the Faculty and Staff, I wish you all good luck!

Respectfully yours,

Désiré Yannick Tangman
Acting Dean, Faculty of Science

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