Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - Dean's Message

Dear Students,

first of all, let me congratulate you all for having successfully secured a seat in our institution for higher education. It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. This Faculty has been created with a vision to educate future and present health care professions, educators and scientists for life through quality education and research. In this faculty, we strive to inspire discovery and innovation at all levels of our teaching, research and community engagement and emphasise the values of integrity and ethics.

So, dear students, you are the privileged ones to have secured a seat at this faculty and you should certainly make the most of this unique opportunity.  You are about to begin an incredible journey that will not only change your own life, but the lives of others through research, education and patient care.

We are proud to share that most of our students who graduated have excelled in the job market and now occupy high positions in many well-known organisations in Mauritius and abroad. They have been successful in many cases, they are offering excellent services across the world and I have full faith that all our students including you, will also reach the summit of success.

Our Faculty is dedicated to impart qualities to our students that include critical clinical skills to medical, health sciences and graduate students. We prepare our students to face the challenges that lie ahead in the future keeping in mind the rapid development in various fields of medicine and health sciences.

We have two departments:
•    the Department of Medicine headed by Assoc Prof Goorah. Most of the lectures are conducted on the 2nd floor at the Core Building in Ebène.
•    the Department of Health Sciences headed by Assoc Prof Jeewon. The DHS laboratories are located on the 5th floor in the Academic Complex in Réduit.

The Departments of Medicine and Health Sciences have made significant progress towards contributing in enhancing medical and health education in Mauritius, especially with the help of devoted partners such as the Université de Bordeaux in France and the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

In this faculty, you will be engaged with and taught by the full time and part time faculty members who have developed expertise and are recognized leaders in their respective fields of medical and health education as well as research. Our Faculty members are involved at national and international level to continue to promote the University of Mauritius in the field of Medical and Health Science.

Dear students, the University is committed to provide you all with an appropriate, supportive and accessible learning environment in line with the University's core beliefs and values. The University of Mauritius puts great emphasis on adherence to its academic and general regulations.

Dear students, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that most of the important relevant information pertaining to your studies is available on the University website. You are strongly advised to browse on the UoM website for all rules and regulations pertaining to your studies.

All students are requested to abide by all deadlines set and comply with the rules and regulations regarding Online Module Registration, submission of assignments, the period for class test and Examination dates. The complete Calendar of Activities which has been amended due to the Covid-19 pandemic can be accessed on the website as well. Non-compliance may entail disciplinary measures. My appeal to you as first year students is to maximize the opportunity and the enabling environment, make the most of the facilities available to you all and attend all your classes on time.

At the University, the primary form of communication with students is via email. So, I would urge you all to check your University email account regularly for all updated information and Regulations concerning your programme of studies as well as the general activities at the University. The Examination time-tables are also posted on the Faculty website under the Students’ Corner.

Should you be unable to find the information you require please do contact the Administrative Officer’ Office situated on the 5th Floor of the Academic Complex. The staff will provide you with administrative support and offer advice and assistance on all matters regarding student administrative issues and financial administration.  So, please feel free to contact us for any queries and inquiries that you may have. Please note that the Registrar’s office deals with student matters.

All students are reminded to strictly adhere to the important safety precautions for your own protection and for the protection of others: Wearing of masks and the use of sanitizers are mandatory on the campus. So, please ensure that you wear your mask at all times; adhere to the social distancing protocols and sanitise your hands on a regular basis.

You are also informed that the UoM campus is a Smoking Free/Alcohol Free/Drug Free zone and contraveners may be liable to a fine. The UoM is an Eco-Friendly Campus where environmental practices to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus to optimize energy efficiency, manage waste while addressing the well-being of the students.

As students you are expected to:
•    be honest, work hard and treat others with courtesy and respect;
•    display professional conduct while relating with others vis-a-vis your peers, UoM academic and supporting staff in the University and the wider community and avoid engaging in acts of vandalism.

As responsible students, you are required to be very cautious while using social media and should refrain from posting anything that may cause damage to the reputation of the UoM.

Dear students, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has forced online teaching and learning to be the primary instruction format in higher education globally. Online learning is now promoted at the University but you will still get the opportunity to interact in person with our academics during lab work and tutorial sessions. As from this Academic year, the approved mode of delivery of lectures will be on a blended mode. Lectures will be online but practicals and tutorials will be face-to-face.

The University of Mauritius has adopted the learner-centred credit system (LCCS), which is in line with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The aim is to make learning at the university more interactive, collaborative and experiential for students.

I would like to inform you to respect the proper channel of communication when you need to contact us. All emails regarding academic matters should be sent to either the lecturer or the Programme Coordinator. If the matter requires the attention of the Dean, then you are required to send your email to the Dean through the Head of Department and Programme Coordinator.

Dear students, we are pleased that you have selected the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences for your graduate training.

So feel proud to be part of this great institution. I wish you all a very pleasant and academic journey with us!  Best of luck to each and every one of you!

Enjoy the experience of being part of the FMHS family!

Thank You

Respectfully yours,

Prof A H Subratty
Dean of Faculty of Science and Health Sciences

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