Executive Members

Following the AGM and a special meeting held on Friday 07 April 2017, the following members were elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Associations:

  • Mr Goonesh Kumar BAHADUR, Academic Staff, UoM - President
  • Roshan Ramoly,Director Linear Arc Solutions - Vice-President
  • Janesh Dookan, Board of Investment - Secretary
  • Mrs Vidisha GUNESH-RAMLUGUN, Academic Staff, UoM - Assistant Secretary
  • Mrs Rageenee VENETHETHAN, Staff UoM - Treasurer
  • Mrs Vimi DOOKHUN, Academic Staff, UoM - Assistant Treasurer
  • Dr (Mrs) Deena RAMFUL-BABOOLALL, Academic Staff, UoM - Member
  • Goolfee Mohammad Saahir Dawood, MSc Student - Member
  • Havish Gokool, Engineer - Member


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