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2001-2002 (6 projects)

-Nahida Jowahir

"Application of potentiometric titrations in analytical chemistry"

-Nauzeer Salim

"Application of potentiometric titrations in analytical chemistry"

-Reshma Goojha

"Kinetic study of potassium persulphate with potassium iodide at different temperatures"

-Ashwini Seeruttun

"Determination of sugar content in juices and their pattern of consumption on the university campus"

-Seepujak Heena

"Quantitative determination of sugar in soft drinks and their of consumption at the university of mauritius"

2002-2003 (7 projects)

-Dilmohamud Bibi Aakila

"Determination of surface tension of liquids using a thermostated stalagmometer"

-Alban Bharathi

"Conductivity of sodium iodide and potassium iodide in 2-butanol and water mixtures"

-Novina Bukhory

"Critical micelle concentration determination of surfactants by conductivity and surface tension methods"

-Dilshade Dilmamode

"Determination of sugar content in fruits"

-Luximon Kervin

"Computational and experimental studies of 1,2 dihaloethanes"

-Sreeruttun Raj Kumar

"Conformational analysis of 1,2 dihaloethanes"

-Rucheeta Burhooah

"Consumption Pattern and Levels of Salt and Selected Mineral Elements in Some Ready to Eat Food Products Commonly Consumed In Mauritus"

 2003-2004 (6 projects)

-Larche Desire Laval

"Determination of Sugar Content in Litchi Fruit"

-Mudhoo Mazhar

"Computational Studies of Interaction of the Isotopes and Ions of Hydrogen with Ethane Molecule using Ab-Initio Methods

-Ramtahal Natasha

"Variation of Critical Micelle Concentration of Two Surfactants with Amount of inert Electrolyte and Temperature"

-Jaganah Sunita

"Conductivity Studies of Sodium and Potassium Iodide in Butan-2-ol + water mixtures"

-Unauth Pritima

"Solubility of Amino Acids (Glycine and L-Alanine in Water and Aqueous Potassium Sulphate at Different Temperatures"

-Boojhawon Hema Lukshmi

"Determination of Surface Tension of Alcohol Mixtures Using a Stalagmometer"

 2004-2005 (10 projects)

-Salina Joomun

"Medicinal Plants used Against Gastrointestinal Diseases" (A web presentation)"

-Sookun Gyaneshwaree

"Medicinal Plants used Against Repiratory Problems" (A web presentation)

-Bibi Shaheenaz Goolamhossen

"Medicinal Plants of Mauritius Treating Skin Diseases" (A web presentation)

-Meethileswaree Ramkalam

"Theoretical Studies of Gauche and Trans Conformers of 1,2-Dihaloethane"

-Ashish Hatchootah

"Study of the Factors Affecting Electrophilic Substitution in Substituted Benzene both Experimentally and Theoretically"

-Priyadarshinee Chutturdharry

"Surface Tension of Alcohol-Water Mixture in the Presence of Electrolyte Using Stalagmometer"

-Geetabali Seerputtee

"Conductivity Studies of Sodium Chloride. Bromide and Iodide in Pure Ethylene Glycol at 25°C"

-Bhaveena Sewbundhun

"Determination of Surface Tension of Ternary Mixtures Using a Stalagmometer"

-Maria Sophia Sandra L'Omelette

"Quantification of Tuna Fish Using Chemical Methods and Near Infrared Spectroscopy"

-Khalil Khodabux

"Quantification of Tuna Fish Using Chemical Methods and Near Infrared Spectroscopy"

 2005-2006 (4 projects)

-Farheen Shenaz Kinoo

"Theoretical Studies of silylene and its Halogeno Derivatives"

-Vanesha Gooriah

"Theoretical Study of Boron Fluoride, Boron Dofluoride, Boron Difluoride Cation, Boron Difluoride Anion and Boron Trifluoride"

-Bibi Zairabee Ahamud

"Determination of surface tension and refractive index of the binary mixture ethanol/benzyl alcohol at 25°C"

-Ajay Kumar Bissoondoyal

"Biochemical Analysis of Honey samples Using Chemical and Infrared Spectroscopy Methods"

 2006-2007 (3 projects)

-Pravesh Gohee

"Theoretical Studies of electron detachment energies of aluminum arsenides and gallium arsenides"

-Yasveenee Hurry

"Theoretical Study of neutral gallium oxide and its anion"

-Zarina Bibi Joomun

"Studies towards the synthesis of simple kainoid derivative"

 2007-2008 (5 projects)

-Samia Noorooya

"Synthesis and Characterisation of Imines"

-Lydia Rhyman

"Synthesis and Theoretical Studies of Pyrazinone Derivatives"

-Neelum Seeburrun

"Structures and Electron Detachment Energies of Ga2S3- and Ga3S2–"

-Roodrasen Sookun

"Determination of Surface Tension and Refractive Index of Binary Mixtures of Alcohols at 25ºC"

-Jean-Paul Emmanuel Talma

"Theoretical Studies of the Gauche, Trans, Transition State of Halogeno (Halogenomethyl) Silane"

 2008-2009 (3 projects)

-Benazir Bhonoah

"Theoretical Studies of the Gauche, Transition State and Trans Conformers of FSiH2CH2X(X = C1, Br and I)"

-Anusha Sharma Ghoorun

"Theoretical Studies of the Gauche and Trans Rotamers of XSiH2CH2F"

-Bibi Naziah Jaufeerally

"A Computational and Experimental Study: Correlation of Charges for the Formation of Mono and Bis-Condensed Schiff Bases of 2, 3-Diaminopyridine"

 2009-2010 (3 projects)

-Ghowree Kalisingh Bhoodoo

"Theoretical Study of Interconversions of H3 PTe Molecule and its Analogues, Y2HPTe (Y=F, CI, Br and CN)"

-Prisheelah Devi Pentayah

"Theoretical Study of H-Abstraction from the Explosive RDX by OH-Anion: Density Functional Theory Study"

-Meenakshi Devi Ramdany

"A Density Functional Theory of Tellurium Dicyanide and its Isomers Te(CN)2, CNTeCN, Te(NC)2"

 2010-2011 (3 projects)

-Vishal Ladaroo

"Theoretical study of the syn and anti conformers of 2,2'-biselenophene"

-Buthaina Neetoo

"Theoretical Study of Carbon-Phosphorus Clusters"

-Melissa Soopramanien

"Theoretical Study of the Structures and Electron Detachment Energies of Ga2Te3 and Ga3Te2"

 2011-2012 (5 projects)

-Hanusha Bhakhoa

"Theoretical Study of 3d Transition Metals Monophosphides and Monoarsenides"

-Sai Luxmi Rambaruth

"Theoretical Study of Phenylbenzotellurazole and its Phosphorus and Arsenic Analogues"

-Astrid Marie Judicaelle Bastien-Sylva

"Theoretical Study of 5d Transition Metal Monophosphides, Monoarsenides and Monobismuthides"

-Wakhil Mohammod Abdoolla Cassim

"Theoretical Study of two Tuberculosis Drugs"

-Kritish Sooknah

"Theoretical Study of 2,4-Ditellurouracil and 5-Fluoro-ditellurouracil and their Tautomers"

 2012-2013 (2 projects)

-Arouna Curpanen

"Density Functional Study of Thiomethanol and Organic Molecules"

-Ralph Josue Labiche

"Theoretical Study on the Reaction Mechanism of Methane with Calcium Sulfide"

 2013-2014 (4 projects)

-Karishma Bahadoor

"DFT Study of Thiomethanol and Organic Molecules"

-Irshad Mohamed Domah

"Theoretical study of the interactions of (CF3X; X=Cl, Br, I) with dimethyl selenide"

-Doogesh Kodi Ramanah

"Ab initio Studies on Molecules of Astrochemical Interest"

-Sadiyah Ramjauny

"Ab Initio Study of New Molecules [H, Se, S, Br]"

-Pooja Surajbali

"A DFT Study on Molecules of Astrochemical Interest: Cyanoetheneselenol"


-Nooreen Dilshad Zeadally

"DFT study of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Silver(I) Complexes"

 2014-2015 (7  projects)

-Mohammad Faheem Bhooally

"Computational Study on the Basic-Hydrolysis of Methyl Formate"

-Davina Cudian

"Effect of Steric Buttresses on an Intramolecular Diels - Alder Reaction: A Density Functional Theory Study"

-Sebastien Lubin Dylan Curpanen

"Computational Study of Silicene"

-Monisha Deenoo

"Expanding the Global Warming Potential Index: A Computational Study"

-Arvish Ramlall

"Computational Study on Enantiotropic Conformational Polymorphism"

-Nimschi Unmathallegadoo

"Computational Study on Exfoliated Nanocomposites (Graphene/Polyaniline)"




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