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1) The University of Mauritius (US$ 5,000): To initiate teaching and research of Computational Chemistry. [Completed]

2) The University of Mauritius (US$ 3,000): Atmospheric Relevant Reactions between Dimethyl Selenide and X2 (X = Cl, Br and I): An Ab initio Investigation. [Completed]

3) IUPAC (US$ 6,000): To Assess the Use of Theoretical Methods for the Study of Kinetics of Global Warming Gas Species Degradation and Byproduct Formation. [Completed]

4) The University of Mauritius (US$ 6,500): Theoretical Study of Cycloaddition Reactions Leading to the Formation of Pyrazoloazines and Pyrazoloazoles Derivatives. [Completed]

5) University of Mauritius (September 2013): Rs 200,000 (US$ 6,500) (Theoretical investigations of Fischer Mechanism) (Completed)

6) University of Mauritius (July 2014): Rs 150,000 (US$ 5,000) (Cycloaddition to Graphene) (On going)

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