Welcome to the Department of Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development (DASED) of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Mauritius.

Sustainability is defined as 'the capacity to support, maintain or endure' and it has become a key word, for justifiable reasons, in many public and private discourses over the past decades. With rapid population growth in many parts of the world, there are pressing global concerns in the area of the environment, materials and energy production. Sustainable development which integrates environmental, economic and social aspects of human activity through the responsible management of global resources has become an important mode of human development. Given the multifaceted nature of sustainability, there is a compelling need to educate our young in the area of applied sustainability. It involves areas such as the design of smart product, the reduction of resources consumption and the use of renewable materials and technologies. One of the main aims of the new Department is to galvanise the young generation to adopt sustainable strategies/vision during the course of their life. For example, one of our current programmes has been designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to use sustainable materials for the development of products through intelligent design and manufacture with minimum carbon footprint. Other programmes are in the pipeline and they would gradually address other areas of sustainability.

The Department also emphasizes on the development of entrepreneurship skills among the young. Many experts recognize that SMEs are a powerful engine for economic growth. Students are prepared with the necessary aptitudes to understand the intricacies of doing sound business in a competitive world. It is believed that the healthy growth of a country depends on the capacity of its people to be creative, innovative and enterprising.

On a final note, I would invite all learners, during their time with us, to embrace discipline and hard work for a strong personal & healthy professional development with the right attitude to sharing in order to build a strong sense of community.




Ramsamy-Iranah S (Mrs)

Head of Department

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Engineering

Phone: (230) 4037756

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