Keynote/Plenary/Invited Speakers



Prof Kelly Chibale, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Title of presentation:
H3D: Pioneering World Class Drug Discovery from Africa through Partnerships

Dr Patricia Forbes, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Forbes smaller
Title of presentation:
Novel Approaches to Environmental Monitoring

Dr Amir Karton, The University of Western Australia, Australia
79480 orig

Title of presentation:
Computational Molecular Design: From Bioinspired Antioxidants to Organic Catalysts

Prof Norbert Krause, Dortmund University of Technology, Germany

Title of presentation:
Sustainable Gold Catalysis in Water

 Prof Isabel Moreira, Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Brasil

Isabel Mauritius

Title of presentation:
Organic Contaminants in Dolphine from the Brazilian Coast

Dr James Wilton-Ely, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Title of presentation:
Molecular and Nanoscale Approaches to Sensing CO in Air and in Living Cells



Prof Daniel Ayub Mbi Egbe, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
(Symposium VI: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Development)

Title of presentation:
Anthracene-Based Conjugated Polymers for Organic Photovoltaics: Effect of Alkoxy Side-Chains

Dr Jean-Paul Ngome Abiaga, UNESCO, Paris

MvL 125

Title of presentation:
UNESCO and Science Activities

Prof Hiromitsu Takaba, Kogakuin University, Japan

(Symposium I: Computational Chemistry and its Applications)

Title of presentation:
Computer Chemistry Integrated with Informatics for Design of Functional Materials

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