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List of Programme Co-ordinators for Year I Programmes



Department of Biosciences
BSc (programmer) Biology (Minor: Marine and Coastal Environmental Science)/MSc Biology Assoc Prof V F B Florens
Department of Chemistry 
BSc (Hons) Chemistry Assoc Prof M Bhowon
Department of Health Sciences
BSc (Hons)/MSc Nutritional Sciences  Dr V S Neergheen-Bhujun
BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy Ms S Chemen (Sem I only)/
Mrs A Jheelan-Ramchandur
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy Mrs S S Zacharia
Diploma in Sanitary Science Dr R Jeewon
Department of Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics/
BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Finance/
BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Statistics
Mr F Golam-Hossen/
Prof M Bhuruth/
Dr Y D Tangman
BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Computer Science Assoc Prof M Z Dauhoo
Department of Medicine
Mastère Médecine (M1) Assoc Prof M F Lan Cheong Wah
MBChB (Cas particuliers) Assoc Prof M F Lan Cheong Wah
Doctor of Medicine (MD)-Bachelor of Medicine
and Master of Medicine
Dr M D Manraj
BSc (Hons) Medical Science Dr L Dawonauth
Department of Physics
BSc (Hons)/MSc Physics (Optional Minor: Astrophysics/Biology/Chemistry/Instrumentation/
Maths/Renewable Energy)
Dr R Lollchund
BSc (Hons) Physics with Computing Dr D Baijnath