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“It is a great profession.  There is the fascination of watching a figment of the imagination emerge through the aid of science to a plan of paper.  Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or energy.  Then it brings jobs and houses to men.  Then it elevates the standard of living and adds to the comforts of life.  This is the engineer’s high privilege.”   - Herbert Hoover

Dear Students,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Mauritius.

Congratulations for having secured a seat in the Faculty!

The Faculty of Engineering, established in 1968, is Mauritius’s top engineering and computing Faculty. Its mission is to provide a world class education in the field of engineering, computer science and information technology. In 2013/2014 the total student population in the Faculty was about 3052 (2610 full-time students and 442 part-time students).  Our four year undergraduate BEng (Hons) programmes satisfy the academic requirements of the Council of Registered Engineers (Mauritius) for registration as Professional Engineers. We are very proud of our Faculty and our degrees are of international standard opening the door to a wider range of careers in Mauritius and overseas. Our graduates are held in high esteem overseas and our graduates have regularly gone on to pursue postgraduate studies at leading universities around the world.  The Faculty is currently working to achieve the international accreditation of its Engineering Programmes.

I urge all new students to read the regulations on our website very carefully as they form part of a contract of sorts, one that automatically starts when you sign your registration forms. Please do respect deadlines that are given to you regarding registration and deregistration of modules. You have a responsibility to check your university email account/notice boards and the university website.  Email is the primary means by which the University of Mauritius will communicate with you.

I would like to remind many of you that the degree for which you are reading is but the first milestone on the road to becoming a professional engineer.As a professional you would be responsible for people’s lives and properties.  It is a great responsibility. As such, it is incumbent upon you to strive for a truly deep understanding of the material that is presented in your course of study.

New students will find the challenges of a University education daunting. At times, you will be under pressure from your peers, staff or family.  You have much more freedom than before, but also have to manage your time to make sure you cope successfully.  You will be in a new environment, facing many issues. If you need assistance during your course of studies, do not hesitate in consulting with your lecturers and programme coordinators in a timely manner. We have a group of dedicated academics and administrative staff to support you in your educational journey.

We all wish you well in your studies and we are confident that this will prepare you for rewarding careers. Your success depends on your commitment.  Apart from the skills represented by your present qualifications, there is one key requirement for success in your respective programmes. You need a sense of motivation and be firm in your conviction that you need a degree either for the sheer joy and need of learning and/or because you are sure you would like to start your career with a degree from the Faculty of Engineering.

I invite and strongly encourage you to participate fully in all aspects of campus life. The experience you gain will not only be enjoyable and rewarding, but in the process, you will also acquire vital leadership and interpersonal skills which will score you well in the future. A proper balance between work and play will ensure that you make the most of your talents and yet have a memorable stay at the University.

I wish all of you the very best for your studies at the Faculty of Engineering and a successful start to the 2014/2015 academic year.


Prof (Dr) Toolseeram Ramjeawon

Professor of Environmental Engineering

Dean, Faculty of Engineering