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Dear Students,

I have the great pleasure to welcome you in the Faculty of Science as the Dean of the Faculty. Science has brought and continues to bring tremendous benefits to humankind. We anticipate that, in the coming years, science will play an important role in wealth creation in Mauritius and that you will play an important role in this process.

The School of Science of the University of Mauritius was created in February 1989 and, in 1994, the School became the Faculty of Science. We are now a leading Faculty of the University. Our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching spans the fields of biosciences, chemistry, health sciences, mathematics, medicine and physics and we participate fully in Government’s drive to increase and further democratise access to tertiary education.

Our research is well supported by our students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, and our research assistants with an increasing number of publications in high impact factor journals. We continue to participate successfully in the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope project and are also involved in numerous consultancy projects.

The key to success remains hard work and dedication. As such, you are expected to devote a lot of time to your studies and, although we will be here to support you, you should also aim at working independently. Independent work and thinking independently together will prepare you to meet the challenges of employment when you graduate and leave university. Meeting these challenges also requires collective modes of thinking which you will develop through group work and interactions with your fellow students through inter and intra faculty activities. In addition to your studies, you should aim to participate in at least one of the many extracurricular activities of the University. Creative thinking and thinking out of the box is also crucial in scientific endeavours. I encourage you to develop these skills during your formative years at the University.

All members of the faculty, academic and non-academic, will be here to assist you during your studies at the university and I assure you of my full support during your time with us.

Think, plan, execute and you will succeed with your studies, but don’t forget to also take time for yourself.






23 July 2014