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The Faculty of Law and Management (FLM) welcomes you and above all congratulates you on obtaining a much sought-after seat on one of the several programmes offered by FLM. I am sure you feel somewhat edgy since you are about to embark on a new journey and embrace University education. Please rest assured that you are definitely not alone.


Today marks the commencement of our journey together, a three-year long journey. It will not be an easy journey, neither for you nor for me, but since I know I can count on your support and since you can count on mine and that of all staff of FLM, we can together steer the FLM ship to our mutually availing destination where your success is also our success! And if you have any doubts as to your ability to climb this mountain, cast that thought out the window immediately. Trip, stumble or fall you may, but true strength and unflinching will and determination shine through when you learn from your mistakes and ‘get up’ with renewed passion and drive to finish that journey and earn your degree.


Whether you may have chosen a law, management or finance degree programme, you shall learn an array of principles and skills which cut across several key disciplines, all of which are included, some to a greater and others to a lesser extent, in all programmes offered by the departments of management, law and finance and accounting respectively headed by Dr Nunkoo, Dr Seetanah and Mrs Seejore-Biltoo. These include management skills, quantitative skills, communication skills, legal skills and finance skills. If we are to succeed in this ever changing world, the more versatile we are, the more employable we shall become. And at FLM, we are proud of the links nurtured with industry and given that most undergraduate programmes require compulsory industry placements, our students have a privileged insight into the world of work and the additional set of soft skills, namely, discipline, self-learning, professionalism and team work necessary in sustaining a person’s career path. Enjoy your studies and let us agree to meet up again formally in three years’ time to celebrate your graduation. Thank you for your kind attention.



Assoc Prof Raja Vinesh SANNASSEE