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Setting up a Lifelong Learning Cluster


To cope with new forms of programme delivery, emerging research trends and the advent of ICT in all sectors of activity, the University of Mauritius has set up three Centres during the last decade: Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning (CPDL), Centre for Information Technology and Systems (CITS) and Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies (VCILT). By virtue of their mandate, these Centres are not attached to any Faculty and operate independently.


In view of the growing demand in the country for lifelong learning, a cluster, comprising the 3 centres, has been set up to cope with the new challenges that the University is facing.  The cluster, which operates like a Faculty, pools resources from its constituent parts (human, infrastructure and financial) to technologically design programme of studies, and to identify and supervise research projects in the field of ICT and lifelong learning.


The cluster is the focal point for satisfying the existing and emerging needs of non-conventional learners.  It reaches out to the community, and hopefully to the Region at a later stage.


Terms of Reference of Lifelong Learning Cluster

Curriculum Development


1.   Design and deliver short and full-fledged Programmes of Studies ranging from  undergraduate certificate to postgraduate levels.


2.   Design and deliver programmes of a non-conventional nature targeted towards the whole community, to face the emerging needs created by the re-engineering of the Mauritian society.


3.   Encourage the continuing personal growth and intellectual development of adults, empowering them to reflect and generate change for themselves.


4.   Design innovative modes of delivery, which can enhance access to lifelong learning and their productivity potential of existing human resources.


5.   Admit students to programmes at the Centre(s).


Any non-conventional educational programme offered by the Lifelong Learning Cluster is subject to the same rigorous Quality Assurance mechanism as regular courses.




1. Initiate, appraise and undertake research projects related to sustainable capacity building within the University and the country at large.


2. Undertake international networking to promote collaboration and enhance the outreach of the University to the whole Indian Ocean and African region




Provide consultancy services in such fields as:


1. Approaches and Methodologies to improve the quality of education and add value to  existing   resources and knowledge.


2.  Methodological issues bridging the relationship between society and technology to allow for action and support cultural diversity and creativity.


3.  Entrepreneurial model of the University for developing countries and methodologies to transfer on their socio-economic environment, evaluation, certification and quality assurance issues for developing countries.


4. Respond to any other emerging needs as expressed by the community or the government.




Promote exchange and mobility of staff with overseas institutions.