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Faculty of Agriculture - Dean's Message

DeanFoAI am pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Agriculture (FoA). You are now part of a family that has a long history of about 102 years! A family composed of academic staff, technical staff, administrative staff, farm staff and above all, the students.

The Faculty of Agriculture, originally founded as the School of Agriculture in 1914, plays a vital role in the development of agriculture and allied fields in the country, and in the promotion of organic agriculture (biofarming) in particular. We provide the trained manpower that the nation needs, from high calibre graduates and post graduates to technically oriented Diploma and Certificate holders. We also organise short, tailor-made training courses for specific stakeholders. We ensure the high standard and quality of our degrees through a system of moderation by external examiners from top Universities in UK, Australia, India, South Africa, Malaysia, etc.

The Faculty has always been proud of its students, many of whom today are in key positions in Government, parastatal bodies, private sector, and even in regional and international agencies. At the Faculty, we ensure that you get a good mix of the hard core science, the hands-on experience, as well as the soft skills such as verbal, written and visual communication, information technology, scientific writing, team work, meeting deadlines, etc., and we encourage you to take on leadership roles, as Faculty Representative, Class Representative, team leader for assignments, etc., all of which will contribute to developing your personality, and will help you in the employment market and in society. We encourage all our students to develop their individuality, their critical analytical and creative thinking abilities, and to work independently. Gone are the days of spoon-feeding and rote learning.

I urge all new students to familiarize themselves with the University rules and regulations available from our website and from your very own Students Union. Pay particular attention to those relating to student conduct and discipline, plagiarism, module enrollment, among others. Develop the habit of reading notice boards and checking your emails regularly. We are increasingly using web platforms for our teaching, assessment and communication.

You have much more freedom than before, but with freedom comes responsibility. Learn to manage your time, your work and your resources, so that you can live your campus life to the full, with a good balance of studies, extra-curricular activities, interactions with your peers and University staff, and your social life.

Professor Sunita Facknath
Dean of Faculty





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