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Faculty of Engineering - Dean's Message


Dear Students

On behalf of the Faculty of Engineering, I welcome you all to the University of Mauritius.

Congratulations to all of you for having joined the University of Mauritius. The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Mauritius is one of the most prestigious Faculties of the University.

The Faculty is endowed with excellent infrastructure and students enjoy numerous facilities such as WiFi, mini canteen and lots of green spaces.

When you join the University you should note and accept that your days of private tuition are over! There is no private tuition, here! At the University, the emphasis will be on your personal tuition. You will be your own private and personal tutor, with our help, of course.

Some of you who know Latin may have heard the phrase “Cogito Ergo Sum”. It means I think, therefore I am! Just add the words “a professional” and you will get a better meaning of what you should become when you leave the University: “I think, therefore I am a professional!!”

You must surely have had the experience of consulting a doctor because you were ill at some time. Probably, you have done so, several times. Just consider something. Did you like his or her attitude, manners, professional skills or did you go out of the room feeling frustrated? I am sure you will find or you already have an answer to this question.

After you graduate, when you start working, you will be expected, if not required, to think on your own, to propose ideas, and come up with imaginative solutions that may not be in the book!!

e.g You do not expect a doctor to revise a book before he or she examines you! You do not expect a surgeon to read a book before he/she performs surgery on you. You expect that he/she knows what needs to be done.

At the University of Mauritius, we propose to guide students through the necessary steps to become a professional!  You will agree with me that, the University cannot do this alone!!

Students must play their role to allow same to happen!!  Thinking is not learning by rote, putting figures into formulae!! Any 12 year old can do that!

Thinking involves asking yourself: Am I doing the right thing? Am I using the correct principles? Have I made the correct assumptions? Does my answer seem plausible?

You might have heard that some university graduates are NOT finding jobs! Reasons, apart from thinking skills, would include language deficiencies.

To use a very simple example, salesgirls at Trianon, Bagatelle, shopping malls, etc. reply to you in creole when you speak to them in French. If they do reply in French, it is full of mistakes. Has their secondary schooling been deficient? How can these people be expected to address tourists who speak to them in English or French?

So, if you leave the university, with the same deficiencies, and then go out to the job market, you should expect to be told that you are unemployable!

Again, at the University of Mauritius, we will guide you to communicate better both orally and in writing. But, you must play your part and commit to work harder!!  You should practice writing and reading extensively! And, of course, speaking correctly, as well!

One or two decades ago, some youngsters started using IPod, etc. with earphones on both ears. They became known as the Generation Y.

In contrast,   you - born after 1995 – are known as Generation Z.  Your generation has also been referred to as the i, net, quiet and palm generation – members of your generation are much less verbal because most of your communication is through electronic devices. Your generation expects immediate results, and multitask with tech devices at exceptional speeds. You don’t like to read instructions – most of you jump into the issue at hand  and get on with it. Your expectations of technology are highly demanding. Within a decade, this Generation Z will be taking an increasing role in the business lives of companies.

Unfortunately, your Generation Z will also have to work or interact with other generations, probably less gifted than you are. And this is where you will need the thinking and communication skills that I have mentioned earlier.

A few centuries ago, education was about travelling across several countries, learning different cultures and languages and reading a lot, to exercise the brain in thinking skills.

As I said earlier, learning by rote does not lead anywhere or far!!

Education at this university is not different! You might not travel very much here, except by surfing on the internet, but you should read selectively, think constructively, and speak correctly!!

You are going to spend some three or four years at the University of Mauritius. I hope that in a few years you will think of those years as some of the best years of your life. !!

But, presently, one piece of advice!

You have probably heard that diamonds are worth more than gold (or water). The diamond is expensive because it is rare, but also because it is obtained after extensive polishing!

During your stay at the University, please try to polish yourself through in-depth thinking and inculcating good communication skills so that you become the rare and expensive diamond! We will provide the tools, but the polishing will be your job!

Your polishing will determine how rare you are and your salary!!

Last but not least, I hope that some of you after having earned your first degree will stay behind & embark on research, most probably leading to a doctoral degree. For Mauritius to become a high income economy, it’s crucial that the most prestigious University of the country becomes research-led…with your contribution.

Good Luck and wish you all a Happy Stay at the University of Mauritius!

Associate Professor (Dr) Satyadev Rosunee
Dean of Faculty




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