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Faculty of Law & Management - Dean's Message


Welcome to the Faculty of Law and Management (FLM) and congratulations on obtaining a seat on one of our programmes.    

You are embarking on a new journey and we are here to assist you throughout your stay at the University. As a University student, you will be expected to face new responsibilities. Tertiary education equips you for a career and life in general. You have secured a seat at our Faculty, and therefore you are well-able to handle the challenges associated with University education.

The objective of University education is to help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to eventually address real life issues you will encounter throughout your career. As future decision makers, a strong conceptual background and a philosophical outlook are what you need to survive in this complex world. You will undergo a learning process at the different stages of your stay at FLM, which is quite normal. You will learn to distinguish between mistakes that arise out of bad faith and those made in good faith. Remember, it’s important to put moral values first, as you need to protect your credibility. Regardless of your ambitions, never compromise your values and reputation for the easy way-out. Be careful not to let the temptation factor win over morals, when faced with daily choices.

Whether you chose Law, Management or Finance as field of study, you will acquire a knowledge base that cuts across a variety of key disciplines reasonably included in the programmes offered by our Faculty. We have three departments—Management, Law and Finance & Accounting headed by Mrs Oogarah-Hanuman, Mr Narsinghen and Mrs Ramlugun, respectively. To be successful, you need to develop the right combination of aptitudes—management, quantitative, communication, legal/ethical, finance. The more versatile you are, the more employable you will be. Over the years, FLM nurtured strong links with the industry. Through your programme requirements, you are given the opportunity to apply your conceptual knowledge in practical context and acquire hands-on experience. Most of our undergraduate programmes require compulsory industry placements which provides our students with a reasonable insight into the world of work. In addition, such practical exposure offers you a set of soft skills—discipline, self-learning, professionalism, team work—that would help you develop and sustain a meaningful career path.

Enjoy your studies! We wish you the very best on this new journey of yours.

Dr Geetanee NAPAL
Dean of Faculty


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Department of Management



As Head of the Department of Management, I wish all new students a very warm welcome. With a team of 18 dedicated full-time academics supported by a large pool of expert and experienced professionals from industry, we are pleased to offer a wide range of carefully developed courses, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level to prepare your journey towards the world of work and professional practice. We strive to provide you a learning environment that is conducive to your personal and intellectual development.

Wishing you the very best in your studies.





Mrs Vanisha Oogarah-Hanuman
Head of Department



Department of Law


The Department of Law welcomes you on board for this exciting academic programme.  You will have the unique advantage of studying Mauritian Law with a lot of comparative perspectives from English, French, Indian, American Law etc. and very often through a bilingual medium, which will give a competitive edge on the labour market.  You will also have the advantage to study a lot of innovative subjects, which are in tune with our ‘services economy’.

Mr Hambyrajen Narsinghen
Head of Department




Department of Finance & Accounting


Welcome to the department of Finance and Accounting.  You will find details of our very successful range of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes covering Accounting, Finance, Banking, International Business Finance, and Financial Services on the University website ( Each programme has been reviewed with the support of our partners from industry to ensure coverage of the latest trend within each field of study, for better employability of our graduates. This makes our offer most popular among students. In addition, our BSc Accounting Minor Management and BSc Accounting Minor Finance are accredited by the ACCA and ICAEW and UOM accounting graduates avail from a significant number of exemptions from these accounting bodies. More importantly, given the growing importance of information technology skills for professional accountants, the department also offers another ACCA accredited accounting programme, namely, BSc Accounting minor Business Informatics which brings together both key accounting skills as well as the employer-desired business informatics and IT skills.  

Apart from providing an excellent work and learning environment, the department endeavours to prepare its graduates to develop their versatility and adapt to the demanding needs of employers in several important sectors of the economy including the financial services sector, which has now become one of the rising pillars of our economy. The department has also specifically established important links with industry in order to address its needs in terms of resources and capacity building.
Over the years, the department has built a strong research culture where staff members and postgraduate students are engaged in both academic research and consultancy projects leading to the creation of knowledge and application of novel techniques in the interlinked fields of finance, accounting, taxation, audit and financial services.  We have developed and nurtured important collaborations with various international universities in the UK and Australia to not only further the research drive of the department but more importantly promote the credentials of the department’s programmes within and beyond Mauritius.  
We trust that with the support of the staff of the department, your academic journey with us will be an exceptional one.

Ms Vidisha Devi Ramlugun
Head of Department




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