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Faculty of Science - Dean's Message


Dear Students

It is a privilege and a great honour for me as Dean of Faculty of Science to welcome you to the University of Mauritius this morning. Speaking on behalf of the entire staff members of the Faculty, I wish to congratulate each of you for having chosen the Faculty of Science to pursue your studies. We are happy that you have made the right choice.   Again, a warm welcome to a vibrant learning environment.

Beginning life as a student is an exciting prospect which you will have worked towards and looked forward to for some time.  However, you will probably not approach it without at least a few worries about how you will fit in, whether you will make new friends and if you will be able to cope with the work.  Perhaps for some of you coming from neighbouring countries it is the first time you have left home. Whatever your background, life at the University is likely to be very different from your previous experience. The first few weeks especially will be a hectic time when you will be settling into your new surroundings and finding your feet.
During the three years of your undergraduate study, you will have all opportunities to acquire new knowledge and learn many new things.  The intellectual journey that you are going to undertake with us will develop in you, essential capabilities to enhance your personal attributes and develop ways of thinking that will have a profound bearing on your future success. The reason for obtaining a place here as a student is because we are confident that you have the ability to complete a degree programme successfully and we will do all that we can to help you do so.

At the Faculty, we have always been proud of our extensive range of programmes we offer, and the student is always at the centre of everything that is done. We continuously review our programmes so as to make them more relevant to the modern workplace.  This year, the University is adopting a Learner-Centred Credit System that aims at enhancing learning outcomes and student’s experience. This system offers greater flexibility in the learning outcome without sacrificing coherence, specialization in depth in one subject, or the core studies required by professional bodies. More details about this new approach will be provided to you when you meet academic staff of your department.

There are also several initiatives at the level of each Department that aim at ensuring a smooth transition from your A-Level studies to first-year university courses.  The Google Classroom Online system is being encouraged and the aim is to make the student more capable of carrying out independent learning and also, participate in group work and discussions. The Department of Mathematics encourages students to develop their critical thinking via group work and several continuously assessed modules which promotes experiential learning. The programmes in the Department of Health Sciences are more learner and learning focused and a broad range of modules are taught as an integrated theory and practical classes focusing very often on demonstration and practice-based learning approaches.  The Department of Physics offers a broad-based learning experience in all major fields of Physics.

I wish to emphasize that regular attendance at lectures is key to a high level of achievement in the assessments.  Towards the ninth week of each semester, you will be required to provide feedback on the modules taught. The Student feedback is a key element considered by lecturers for enhancing teaching and increasing the quality of the course materials.  We count on your honest responses that will enhance the clarity and improve the quality of our teaching.
While we do our best to make your studies as fruitful as possible, the University also expects engagement and compliance from you. We expect you to be more self-reliant and you need to ensure that you have enough time for study, use of library and do the work that will be required of you.  I will encourage you to access the Student Charter from the University’s website so that you are aware of our expectations from you.

The University will communicate with you using your official university email account. It is important to regularly check your email so that you are aware of all information communicated to you about your studies.

The achievements of the Faculty align with the University’s vision, values and aspirations to become a forward-looking Faculty. Your conduct should, therefore, be exemplary while you study with us. You need to be courteous towards your peers, academic and supporting staff of the University. There is also a University policy on the use of the internet and intranet facilities, and you must strictly abide by same.

Any problem encountered during your studies should be reported through the proper channel. Your Lecturer, Module Coordinator and Programme Coordinator are your first points of contact. If the problem is not solved at their level, talk to the Head of Department who will provide appropriate advice.

The three academic years will be filled with opportunities. I strongly encourage you to participate in events organized by the University.

With these few words, I wish you every success in your studies and I am confident that it will be an immensely enriching and rewarding experience..


Professor (Dr) S.Bhagwant
Dean of Faculty


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