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Faculty of Science - Dean's Message


Dear Students

I am pleased to welcome you to the University of Mauritius and congratulations to all of you for having secured a seat in one of the courses offered by the Faculty of Science.

Staff at the Faculty will do the upmost so that you spend a fruitful three-year at the University. We aim to make you succeed in your studies and every effort is spent so that we give you the opportunity to realize your full potential in your studies. The University is committed to providing you with all support necessary for enhancing your student experience.

First, I would like to mention to you that you need to check your University email account regularly for information that we send to our students. Many lecturers communicate with students via email. This includes sending you the Module Specification Sheet (MSS) for every module that you register for during a semester and other course-related matters. This is also the email account through which our Examinations Officer will communicate to you.

I would also like to mention that there is a Student Charter that is accessible from the University’s website. The Charter mentions that the University also expects certain levels of engagement and compliance from you, students. The responsibilities of students are categorized under the following headings, which I will expand further.

  1. Students must be honest, work hard and treat others with courtesy and respect. This means treating staff and other students with respect irrespective of sex, religion or background. You should attend all classes and submit your feedback through the online Student Feedback Questionnaire. You must not misuse University assets such as equipment, library books and resources and furniture. Otherwise, you will be liable to disciplinary actions and the University takes these matters with the utmost seriousness.
  2. Familiarise yourselves with University Policies, Procedures and Regulations. It is important to stick to administrative deadlines for module registration, examinations registration and the deadline for filling of the student feedback questionnaire. There are regulations pertaining to the conduct of examinations, for example, bringing a mobile phone or notes inside the examination room are breach of examination regulations. In the past years, the University has witnessed many cases. Such breaches may lead to penalties such as failure in the module and depending on the gravity, even suspension or expulsion. This also considerably delays the release of your examination results. You should also comply with the Information Technology Policy and Health and Safety Policy. Further information on same can be accessed from the University Website.
  3. Keep up to date. I have mentioned that you should check your university email account regularly. Be honest while filling the student feedback questionnaire on teaching performance and comment on particular aspects which you have liked and also, on aspects of the course where the teaching material can be made clearer to students. Lecturers act on student feedback to improve their teaching methods and materials.
  4. Exemplary professional conduct. You should have a responsible manner on and off campus so that any action likely to have an adverse impact on the University’s reputation is avoided. Some courses require that you go on placement in hospitals and private organizations. You must demonstrate seriousness and engage responsibly during your placements.
  5. In case of Problems. If you encounter any problem in your studies, the channel that you should follow to bring to the attention of the University is as follows-Talk to your lecturer and programme coordinator first. If the problem is not solved at their level, then talk to your Head of Department and if the problem requires further administrative decision, you can inform the Dean of Faculty. It is important that you follow these procedures so that the matter is dealt with quickly and efficiently at the level of your Department.

The University provides you with an opportunity to do well and the path that you will embark on as from the first day of this new academic year will have a strong bearing on your future. Your Programme Coordinators, present this morning, will provide you with all the details concerning your individual courses.

I wish you all the best in your studies.

Professor Muddun Bhuruth, OSK
Professor of Computational Mathematics and Dean of Faculty


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