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Faculty of Social Studies & Humanities - Dean's Message

UBhowonProfileAs Dean of Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities and on behalf of all the academic and administrative staff, I welcome you all to the University of Mauritius and in particular to the Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities. To begin with, I wish to congratulate you all for having secured a seat at the University in a course of your choice.

The aim of our Faculty is to provide for a high quality education in the domain of Humanities and the Social Sciences. Using interdisciplinary approaches, our programmes seek to enable students to acquire constructive and comprehensive understanding of their subject area and to produce graduates who are articulate, independent and keen learners, capable of entering the competitive world of work and/or progressing to higher levels of study and career paths while simultaneously contributing to the development of the country.

Being able to communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds; to learn languages; to think broadly, critically and creatively are all crucial skills for each leader, creator and citizen of a society. In a world of rapid cultural, political, social, and technological change, creative and critical thought and effective communication are vital. Thus, study of social sciences, humanities related subjects has never been more relevant. The Faculty of Social Studies & Humanities is committed to providing outstanding learning experiences, to integrating teaching and research across our curriculum and to the development of creative personalities, local and global citizens, humanistic in spirit and technological in practice.

The Faculty currently houses over 68 Faculty members in a wide range of disciplines, including literature, linguistics, history, anthropology, sociology, economics, political science, international relations, public policy and much more. In line with the University’s aim to produce specialists who will not only excel in their technical expertise but also be equipped with a broad outlook on life and the world, the Faculty offers a diverse range of courses at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

In history we study our past to secure a better future, at the same time as philosophy teaches us to treasure human values. We study languages to understand our culture, whilst literature serves us as a constant reminder of our heritage. Studying politics is studying everyday life, just as one studies communication to share ideas. We examine behavior by means of psychology; all the while we study the role of media to understand how society is shaped.

Students come to University with many different ambitions. Our fundamental objective is to help you think more clearly, rigorously and expansively than you ever have before. Whatever particular discipline or program of study you eventually pursue, we want you to leave us with the intellectual skills to not only succeed in life, but gain meaning and value from it as well.

While your lecturers and our administrative staff will provide you with the relevant assistance to enable you to enjoy your academic life to the fullest, we also expect you to abide by certain established practices. As a student of the university you will have to take responsibility of familiarizing yourself with regulations concerning online module registration, attending lectures, taking class tests, submitting assignments on time and examinations.

Your Programme Coordinator who is your focal contact person will inform you in details about these requirements. In addition you are requested to read the Student Handbook which gives you complete information on rules and regulations that you need to abide by.  Of course, you are also concerned with gaining an education that prepares you for life beyond University. Our degrees will provide the foundations upon which your future careers will be built, as well as give you opportunities for international exchange, internships and work placements while you study. Our courses provide an engaging and experiential approach to the study of human societies, organizations, contemporary social and political issues.

In conclusion, I would like to express how delighted I am that you have chosen the Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities to start your higher education journey. On behalf of the FSSH community, I would like to welcome you once again and wish you the very best in your educational and personal growth.


Associate Professor (Mrs) Uma Bhowon
Dean of Faculty




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