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Brief Overview

The General Education Module (GEM) is a module offered across the University of Mauritius in view of broadening the knowledge of the student on basic issues related to the economy, society, culture, education and so on.  There is no restriction regarding the GEM that a student can select. Normally, the student is encouraged to select GEM(s) unrelated to his/her field of study.

The student will have to select an appropriate number of GEM(s) depending on his/her ProgrammeStructure from a list of GEMs. A GEM bears 3-credit and can be delivered either in face-to-face or online mode. However, even if a GEM is available in the list of GEMs, it may not be on offer if there is no critical mass to run it.

A list of potential GEMs is available below. However, please note that the following list is tentative and is subject to approval:


Module Code

Module Name

SWRK 1000 Ageing and Society
INMU 1223 An Appreciation of Carnatic Music
INMU 1222 An Appreciation of Hindustani Music
SWRK 1002 Child Welfare Services
MGT 2153(3) Entrepreneurship
HIST 1000 History of Mauritius
BHLC 1100 (1) Introduction to Bhojpuri Language and Culture
MGT 1200 Introduction to Marketing
INPH 1130(1) Main Aspects of Indian Philosophy
MGT 1201 Organisation Behaviour
MGT 1111(1) Organisation and Management
SOCI 1002 Sociology of Family
SOCI 1101 Understanding Society

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