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The Students' Union


At the same time as being enrolled as a student, you are enrolled as a member of the Students' Union.
One of the key objectives of your Students' Union is to resolve issues that students encounter while at university.

The first step to resolving issues is identifying them.

Whether you're on the move, on your phone, on campus, on facebook; wherever you are, we're listening!
Let us know what's bothering you.

You can come and see us at Reduit, Student Centre, find us regularly out and about on campus, email us, phone us, text us, post on our wall and group.
Whatever suits you at the same time you need us; take your pick.

The Students’ Union is the official organisation of the students of the University. It is run for students by the students under its own constitution and is the centre of student non-academic activities.

The two main functions of the Union are:

(i) to act as the representative body in all matters concerning the students; and
(ii) to promote and provide for the welfare and the social, cultural and educational activities of the students.

All students whether enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis are members of the Union. The Executive Committee of the Union is made up of four office-bearers elected from among the students and one elected representative from each of the five Faculties. The office-bearers are elected by all registered students of the University whereas the Faculty’s representatives are elected by students of each Faculty.

The administrative business and all other activities take place at the Students’ Centre. The Union is empowered to recognise and finance students’ societies dealing with recreational activities as well as those that deal with academic subjects and those that cover topics of concern to the students.

It has its own web page and a radio campus through which it communicates with the student community.

The University has a close relationship with the Students’ Union and seeks wherever possible, to involve the Students’ Union in its decision making processes thus providing us with direct knowledge of and influence on the development of policies and procedures relating to teaching and learning and their welfare.

Mission, Vision & Values

  • To represent and protect the members of the Union on matters affecting their interests and welfare.
  • To work as a democratic and transparent organization.
  • To actively pursue good relations with Clubs and Societies.
  • To provide a recognized representative channel between its members and the university authorities, its subsidiaries and between representatives or organs of any other external body.
  • To foster the cultural, intellectual, social and athletic recreations of its members.
  • To provide a means for the nomination of the student representative. The Union may nominate student representative onto committee board concerning students' affairs.
  • To promote the expansion and development of student services as provided by the University for the benefit of students.
  • To ensure that no member is discriminated against on grounds of gender, marital status, family status, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, political belief, age, disability or race


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