• Prof Robert Huber (1988 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry)

    The Century of Vision Protein Structures for Drug Design: The Proteasome

  • Sir (Prof) Richard Roberts (1993 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine)

    Title: The Nobel Laureates Campaign Supporting GMOs

  • Prof Ada Yonath (2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry)

    Title: Next Generation Antibiotics

  • Prof Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2016 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry)

    Title: Interlocking Rings at the Molecular Level, Machines and Motors

Keynote Presentations

  • Prof Gernot Frenking

    Title: The Chemical Bond and the Atomic Valence Space

  • Prof John Dyke

    Title: Reactive Intermediates in Atmospheric Chemistry Studied by Photoionization

  • Prof Urland Werner

    Title: The Way to White Light Emitting Diodes

  • Prof Sutopo Hadi

    Title: The Potential Application of Organotin(IV) Carboxylate Compounds in Medicinal Chemistry

  • Dr Derek Ndinteh

    Title: Chemistry of Natural Products

  • Dr Pooja Goddard

    Title: Advanced Materials Modelling the Solid State and Beyond

  • Dr Yee Siew Choong

    Title: IgG1 Fc pH-Dependent Optimization by Constant pH Molecular Dynamics Simulation

  • Dr Tricia Naicker

    Title: Unlocking Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics with the Development of Novel Metallo-β-lactamase Inhibitors

  • Dr John Canal

    Title: Maximizing Student Learning through the Use of Demonstrations

  • Prof Matthias Bickelhaupt

    Title: Pauli Tuning of Reactions - The Role of the Reactants' Closed Shells

  • Prof Rita Kakkar

    Title: Achieving Selective Inhibition of Histone Deacetylase Isoforms: An in silico Approach

  • Prof Krishna Bisetty

    Title: A Computational Investigation into the Selectivity of Enzymatic Biosensing of Sweeteners

  • Dr Rebecca Melen

    Title: Metal-Free Catalysis using Lewis Acidic Boranes

  • Prof Lok C. Lew Yan Voon

    Title: Silicene

  • Mr Khalid Shalan (Elsevier)

    Title: ScienceDirect and Scopus

  • Prof Mei-Hung Chiu

    Title: Virtual Reality for Learning Chemistry

  • Dr Ale Palermo (Royal Society of Chemistry)

    Title: An Inclusive Chemistry Community

  • Dr Muhammad A. Farrukh

    Title: Synthesis of Multinary Metal Oxides Nanocomposites and their Chemical and Biochemical Applications

  • Prof David Stadelmann

    Title: Preliminary Results from the COVID-19 Scientist Survey: Are Chemists Different?

  • Prof Laura Gagliardi

    Title: Accurate Quantum Chemical Methods for Excited Electronic States and Transition-Metal Compounds

  • Prof Lili Zhao

    Title: Carbone Species and their Applications in Catalysis

  • Prof Haizhu Yu

    Title: Mechanistic Investigations on the Stimuli-Response of Atomically Precise Noble Metal Nanoclusters

  • Dr Jane Murray and Prof Peter Politzer

    Title: Electrostatic Potentials on the Extensions of Bonds to Atoms: σ-holes vs. Buildups of Electronic Density

  • Dr Isel Pascual Alonso

    Title: Discovery of Novel Non Competitive Inhibitors of Mammalian Neutral M1 Aminopeptidase (APN): Preliminary Effects on APN+ Tumor Cells and in vivo Biodistribution in Murine Model

  • Prof Tiow-Gan Ong

    Carbodicarbene, Carbogenic Maverick, Not a Moderate!

  • Prof Andreas Klamt

    Title: COSMO-RS and COSMOplex: From Quantum Chemistry to the Self-Organization of Micelles

  • Dr Christophe Curty

    Title: Science Advice and the Chemical Weapons Convention

  • Prof Richard Catlow

    Title: Computer Modelling as a tool in Catalytic Science

  • Prof Robert Berger

    Title: Chiral Molecules for Fundamental Insight

  • Prof Tom Welton

    Title: Chemistry for Our Common Future

  • Dr Tanmoy Chakraborty

    Title: Computational Analysis of Bimetallic Clusters through Density Functional Theory Based Descriptors

  • Prof Ramon Carbó-Dorca

    Title: Molecular Spaces and the Dimension Paradox