WTO Chair - Mauritius

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Outreach Activities


1 Launching of the WTO Chairs Programme at the University of Mauritius
2 Talk by Professor Daniel Bach (CNRS Researcher - Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Bordeaux)
3 Workshop on ‘Aid for Trade: Challenges and Prospects for Developing Countries’
4 Workshop on ‘Principles of Organisation’
5 Workshop on ‘GATS and the Gains from Emigration for SIDS’
6 Essay competition for secondary schools
7 Essay competition for tertiary institutions
8 Talk on ‘Practical Aspects of Finance’
9 Three lecture series on ‘International Trade, Trade Negotiations, Regional Integration and Economic Development
10 Symposium on ‘The Crisis of the European Monetary Union: Challenge for the World Economy’
11 Talk on ‘Shared Services and Outsourcing: A Strategy to Facilitate Business and Trade in Africa’ (12 April 2012)
12 Modelling Trade Flows Workshop by Professor Egger (External Examiner in the Department of Economics and Statistics - June 2012)
13 Symposium by External Examiners visting both the Department of Economics and Statistics and Department of Finance and Accounting