Wednesday 10th of February 2016
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Degree Courses:

  1. BSc (Hons) International Business Management.
  2. BSc Economics and Law
  3. BSc (Hons) International Business Finance
  4. MSc Applied Economics

Lecture Series

Guest Lectures for UoM Students 

- Dev Chramroo (CEO of Enterprise Mauritius) ‘Lecture on 'Trade and Investment Opportunities in Africa' Jan 2012

- Jan Priewe (HTW Berlin) 'Dutch Disease, Resource Curse and Economic Development', Feb 2012

- Jan Priewe (HTW Berlin) ‘Development and free trade - a critical relationship’,  Feb 2012

Raj Dussoye (CEO of Bank ONE) ‘ International Trade Finance’ October 2012

- Prof Roman Grynberg (BIDPA) ‘How Mauritius got Europe, America and India to subsidize its economic transformation?’ Oct 2012

- Prof Hagen Kramer (University of Applied Sciences, Berlin)The Euro Crisis: Implications for developing economies Oct 2012

Second Call for Participation

Revamp MSc International Business.

Library Space for WTO Documents. This will be available to undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University


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