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International Conference on International Trade and Investment

Globalisation at Crossroads: Implications for the Developing World 20-21 December 2011, Le Meridien Hotel, Mauritius

Organized by the University of Mauritius and the WTO Chairs Programme

Globalisation is often cited as the dominant international economic trend stimulating the opening of the world economy. Many developing nations have significantly reduced their tariffs, opened their services sectors, and embraced foreign investment either unilaterally, or in bilateral trade agreements. Similarly, many rich nations including BRICs have had favourable experiences with unilateralism and regionalism to advance market-opening goals. But despite the growth of international trade and capital flows, there are still wide disparities in development among and within countries. As the global economy expands, all nations big and small are increasingly being affected by the effects of globalisation. In this light, the objective of this conference is to provide a forum for academics and practitioners from all corners of the globe to critically address these effects with the aim of coming up with suggestions which will lead to solutions which can help to improve the performance of developing countries. The international Conference on International Trade and Investment with the theme “Globalisation at Crossroads: Implications for the Developing World” comes at an opportune time. The conference will provide you with an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest thinking in international trade, investment, aid, regional integration, trade competitiveness, climate change, labour market issues and poverty.
As such, this conference invites conceptual or empirical research presentations, and/or country context case studies, thus enabling both academics and practitioners to understand the effects of globalisation on the socio-cultural, economic and technological dimensions of developing countries. Delegates are invited to present completed research projects or work in progress. Submissions and presentations must address both the theoretical and practical implications of the findings.

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