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Call for Research Proposal

The WTO Chair at the University of Mauritius opens a call for Research Proposal for the University of Mauritius WTO Chair Awards, 2011 Edition. About WTO Chairs Programme The WTO Chairs Programme (WCP) seeks to enhance knowledge and understanding of the trading system among academics, citizens and policy makers in developing countries by stimulating teaching, research and public debate on international trade and trade cooperation at the level of tertiary education and research institutions. The WCP provides financial support for a period of four years to academic institutions, and facilitates continuous interaction between institutions and individuals associated with the WCP, including though an internet-based platform of services and products. It also supports academic institutions and associated individual scholars from developing countries in the following areas: course preparation, teaching, research and information dissemination. The ultimate objective of the WTO Chairs Programme is to strengthen the human and institutional capacities of universities from developing countries to support governments in the formulation of sound trade policies. The programme also seeks, through the Chairs, to support and facilitate the involvement in the process of other relevant stakeholders, such as the private sector, non-state actors and civil society. Policies that are understood and supported by the public at large are far more likely to succeed than those which are simply imposed, whether by internal or external decision-makers. One of the main objectives of WCP is to promote research focused on extending specialized knowledge and explaining the policy relevance of existing research. Institutions can support academic cooperation with other institutions of the WCP, in respect of possible joint research, cooperation arrangements on lecturing and visit exchanges.

Call For Research Proposals 2011


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