Where do I get information about rules and regulations of the University?
Please refer to the UoM Website. Go to ‘Study at UoM’, select ‘Regulations’ and you will have access to the Regulations for the different levels of Programmes offered at the UoM.

Who is a Programme Coordinator?
A Programme Coordinator is responsible for all matters relating to the Programme of Studies at a particular level/ year.

Where can I get additional information regarding CPA, GPA, Credit system, etc?
You will need to check the rules and regulations accessible from the following link https://uom.ac.mu/index.php/study-at-uom/regulations/undergraduate-postgraduate

What is a MSS (Module Specification Sheet)?
The module specification sheet contains module information such as aims and learning outcomes, outline syllabus, pre-requisites/pre-requirements, coordinators, lecturers, module map, recommended literature and mode of assessment.

How do I get a copy of the timetable?
Semester and Examination time-tables are available on your respective Faculty/Centre website under the Students’ Corner. Hard copy of the time table is posted on notice boards at the level of your respective Faculty/Centre Registry.

Can I request for a change in the class timetable?
Yes, you may send your request to your Programme Coordinator. However, please note that any change will be subject to the specific lecturer’s approval and the availability of the venue.

What kind of assistance is available for needy students?
Please refer to the UoM Website. Select ‘Assistance to Students/ Scholarships’ on the UoM Homepage or ‘Chapter 18’ of the UoM Regulations pertaining to assistance to students and scholarship, for relevant information. Information about potential/relevant Scholarships may be available on notice boards of your respective Faculty/Centre.

What opportunities are there to get involved in research as an undergraduate?
Students are being directed towards a research culture, especially in their final year when they select electives. Students are encouraged to embark on to research projects for their final year dissertation. Many are also encouraged to write at least one research paper when/if their final year project puts forward innovative ideas. They are also motivated to participate in the Research Week which is a yearly activity at UoM.

Who is eligible for a bus pass?
Only full-time UoM students are eligible for a bus pass.

Who should I contact if I lose (i) my UoM Identity Card and (ii) my bus pass?
Requests for a new bus pass or a new UoM Identity Card should be made at the level of your respective Faculty/Centre Registry.

How do I withdraw from my first year of study?
Please refer to the UoM Website, ‘Chapter 3’ of the Regulations pertaining to 'Interruption of Studies'. For withdrawal from the programme of studies, you will have to write officially to the Faculty/Registrar to notify same.