Centre for Innovative & Lifelong Learning - Officer-in-Charge's Message

Dear Students

As Officer in Charge for The Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning (CILL) at the University of Mauritius, I am delighted to welcome you to the University of Mauritius and I would like to congratulate you for securing a seat at the University of Mauritius.

The Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning (CILL) was created in April 2014 by merging of two Centres. CILL has been responsible for developing and providing lifelong learning concept, online education and e-learning.  In line with the effort to promote ICT, the Centre develops academic modules, pedagogical prototype projects, continue education and lifelong flexible learning.  CILL also supports UoM academics and tutors with the technology, pedagogical and management tools for the conception, multimedia presentation and networking of their academic activities.

In our quest to increase the number of local and international students, over the years, CILL has signed several MoUs with different institutions both locally and abroad like University of Seychelles, Ducere Global Business School, Australia, COL, Mauritius Police Force, Mauritius Port Authority, Mauritius Export Association (MEXA) among others.

At present, we are pleased to be offering postgraduate programmes of studies on a fully online mode of delivery whereby students get access to their virtual classroom through our learning platforms, which are Moodle and Canvas. We are currently offering programmes like the MA Educational Leadership, MSc Educational Technologies, MBA online and MBA Innovation and Leadership with Ducere Global Business School.

We are also mandated to offer Commissioned programmes, which are tailored made for the industries both for private and public companies in the aims of:
•    upgrading the skills of their employees,
•    provide lifelong learning
•    generate funds for the UoM.

As at today, CILL has a student population of nearly 600 students. The BSc (Hons) Web and Multimedia Development programme has been run since 2009 and recently the programme has been revamped and is now being offered on a blended mode under the LCCS credit system. This year with the impact of COVID-19, we will be having more online classes using Google Classroom and only for some practical modules, you will be given access to computer labs on the main campus. However please rest assured, that the CILL staff, academics and programme coordinators will be available to meet you whenever the need arises.

This programme offers web and multimedia development skills, which are focused on internet technologies such as the design and implementation of web-based client/server systems. It is designed to ensure that students become equipped with  a broad range of computing knowledge and skills, and it includes core modules in general software design and development, as well as in scripting technologies specific for web development. At the end of year 2, students have the opportunity to embark on a job placement over 6 weeks within a company and earn working experience.

On behalf of CILL staffs, I would like to wish you a fruitful stay at UoM and all the best in your studies.
Thank you

Dr Bahadur Goonesh Kumar
November 2021

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