Faculty of Law & Management - Dean's Message

The  Faculty  of  Law  and  Management  (FLM)  welcomes  you  to  our  faculty  as  you  are  privileged  for having been able to secure a seat on one of the several programmes offered by the three departments of the Faculty.

After attending secondary  school,  you will now embark on a new journey for a period of three  years where you shall enjoy our lectures as well as the campus life.  Your respective Programme Coordinators will listen to  your  grievances  and will give support as much  as they can to  remove  any obstacle  on  your  way.   Each  of  the  three  Heads  of  Department  (Miss  Valerie  Uppiah  from  the  Law Department,  Dr  Viraiyan Teeroovengadum  from  the  Department  of  Management,  and  Mr  Keshav Seetah from the Department of Finance and Accounting) and myself, as Dean of the Faculty of Law & Management,  will  provide  administrative  support  to  guide,  help  and  assist  you  to  achieve  success  so that, at the end of the journey, you are proud of yourself.

There will  be  practitioners  from  outside  the university  to  bridge  the gap  between  theory and practice.  The Faculty of Law and Management  intentionally  brings  in  judges,  barristers,  attorneys, notaries, managers as well as accountants to cope with the practical side of the various modules taught on  campus.   The  Faculty  also  organises  regular  workshops,  conferences,  webinars  or  seminars; research,  innovation  and  student  week,  amongst  others,  which  reckon  the  participation  of  trade unionists,  ministers  or  delegates  from  abroad  who  are  invited  to  make  the  right  speech  at  the  right place and at the right time to nurture that strong link with the industry.  So, you are invited to attend all these events as well as perform well in your studies, maintain discipline, self-learning, professionalism, interaction or team work. On the overall, it would definitely support you in sustaining a meaningful career path.

Where  feasible,  you  will  also  have  administrative  support  from  the  Registry  and  the  Examination Section.  Therefore, do not hesitate to contact them through your Class Representative so that our team may  expedite  matters  diligently.   As  from  today,  you  will  have  to  face  new  responsibilities,  new modules,  new  friends  and  new  people  around  you  on  campus,  to  meet  with  the  new  challenges  of university education,  knowledge  management  or  all  necessary  skills  in  order  for  you  to  secure  a  job and to face real life issues which you will encounter throughout your career one day in a friendly and sane socio-educational environment.

So, allow me to  wish  you to enjoy  your studies among us.   Let us meet again in three years’ time to celebrate your graduation together with your parents and relatives.  We wish you the very best on this journey of yours.  Last but not least, please abide by instructions listed below:  

- Consult the UoM Website regularly with respect to information regarding Programme Structure and Regulations

- Consult the Student E-Mail regularly as it is the primary form of communication  

- Respect the Sanitary Protocols – e.g the mandatory Wearing of Masks and Use of Sanitizers  

- Smoking, Alcohol drinking, Drug taking are prohibited on the University Campus

- Be  informed  that  there  is  a  Conduct  of  Students  whereby  Ethics,  Respect  (Ethical  behaviour vis-a-vis  their  peers,  UoM  academic  and  supporting  staff,  No  Acts  of  Vandalism)  should  be abided by.  

- Make  a  proper  Use  of  Social  Media  –  Students  should  not  post  anything  that  may  cause damage to the reputation of the UoM  

- The Registrar’s office deals with student matters  

- Adopt an Eco-Friendly behaviour on the Campus  

- The Mode of delivery of lectures – lectures will be online but practicals and tutorials might be face-to-face.

- Be  aware  of  the  different  deadlines  for  registration  of  Modules  as  well  as  submission  of  all coursework and assignment.  

- Use  the  proper  Channel  of  Communication  (Lecturer,  Programme  Coordinator,  Head  and Dean/ Officer-in-Charge)  

- Do  actively  participate  in  events  organised  by  the  University  (Student  Union,  Sports,  UoM Management)

Prof ( Dr) Rajendra Parsad GUNPUTH
Dean of Faculty

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Department of Management

Dear Students,

Warmest welcome on behalf of the Department of Management (DMGT).

DMGT is one of the three departments attached to the Faculty of Law and Management (FLM) at the University of Mauritius (UoM). The Department has been contributing substantially to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Management for more than two decades. Accordingly, we have been playing an active role in the economical and societal development of Mauritius and the region. In the current era termed as the fourth industrial revolution, where the internal and external environment or organisations are evolving in complexity, it is essential to equip existing and future business administrators and leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to maximise efficiency and effectiveness at micro, meso and macro levels. In that respect, the DMGT has a crucial role to play.

Currently we have a strong pool of 21 qualified full-time academics and a competent pool of part-time lecturers, who specialise in diverse areas of management such as marketing, operations, human resources, business analytics, entrepreneurship, strategy, ethics and international business. Please see our DMGT Academic Staff Profile for more information about our valued academics. Our students and alumni remain our most prized asset. We aspire to prepare our students for a good life, while ensuring that they have strong technical abilities.   

We disseminate knowledge mainly through our undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes. Undeniably our MBAs remain one of our flagship programmes, considered to be of high value to business administrators from various fields who aim to improve their managerial competencies. As part of the UoM mandate, we also offer several undergraduate programmes. Beside our general BSc (Hons) Management programme, we offer several specialised programmes in the areas of international business, marketing, human resources, finance, tourism, entrepreneurship and business informatics.

In line with a key role of the University of Mauritius which is to act as an engine of growth for the country by putting knowledge at the service of the nation (Scientia Salus Patriae), at the DMGT we are also actively engaged in the production of knowledge. Our research works aim to contribute to both to management theory and practice. The findings of our research are disseminated in the form of publications in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals, books and executive reports for policy makers among others. We also have a vibrant group of doctorate scholars working in diverse areas of management research such as tourism and hospitality, online marketing and quality management.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Best wishes

Head of Department
Department of Management

Department of Law

Dear Students,  

On  behalf  of  the  Department  of  Law,  I  have  the  pleasure  to  welcome  you  to  the  University  of Mauritius and the Department of Law.

The Department of Law, of the Faculty of Law and Management, is one of the most dynamic and proactive departments of the University.  Consisting of 14 Full Time Academic staff and with the support of our administrative and part time lecturers, our aim is to provide for the best academic as well as practical knowledge and experience of law to our students.

The department offers 3 undergraduate programmes namely: LLB (Hons), BA (Hons) Law with Management  and  BA  (Hons)  Law  and  Criminal  Justice.  The  LLM  in  Corporate  Law  is  the postgraduate programme that is currently being offered by the department.  

For  those  willing  to  embark  on  a  career  as  a  barrister,  attorney  or  notary  in  Mauritius,  the  Law Practitioners Vocational Course is being offered by the University of Mauritius and is managed by the member of the department of Law.

As you are embarking on your journey as a law student, on behalf of the department, I would like to  wish  you  the  very  best  in  your  studies,  you  can  count  on  our  support  should  you  face  any difficulty and I am confident that in the end you will enjoy your journey with us.

Thank you and I wish you all the Best.

M.V. UPPIAH (Miss)
Head of Department
Department of Law.