Faculty of Science - Dean's Message

My Dear Students,

Good Afternoon! On behalf of the faculty staff, the administration, and the examinations office, I have the immense pleasure to welcome you all to the Faculty of Science.

I wish to congratulate all of you for having secured a seat in our faculty. You have indeed made the right decision when you have chosen to follow one of the programmes offered by the four Departments of our Faculty. Being a former student of the faculty myself, I am proud to say that the Faculty of Science is a place with a long history of rigorous Academics and Students success.

The Department of Biology and Ocean Studies is currently being led by Dr Kaullysing and is helped by experts in Microbiology, Biodiversity, Marine Studies, Ecology, Conservation and Applied Biochemistry.

The Head of the Chemistry Department is Professor Li Kam Wah who has the unconditional support of skilful researchers in Computational Chemistry, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, Nano & Material Science, among others.

The Department of Mathematics is under the leadership of Dr Thakoor who is surrounded by Applied Computational Mathematicians & Statisticians along with a strong research group in Financial Mathematics.
Associate Professor Beeharry spearheads the Department of Physics and is assisted by Astrophysicists, Modelling Physicists and several other Academics who are actively engaged in the development of renewable sources of energy for Mauritius.

You have probably scored high in your HSC or Secondary Schol examinations, but you should know that the Faculty of Science is a challenging place to be. The Academics here are tough and A’s are not handed out easily. In order to succeed, you need to organize yourself well and invest your time and effort intelligently. Do not wait for the last minute to tackle your assignments.

Also, know where to go when you need help. The lecturers and technical staff from your respective departments will guide you in case you encounter any academic difficulty in a module or a practical session. The examinations office should be contacted if you need information about all exams related matters, about module registration, or to obtain an official transcript, or even to submit a medical certificate in case you have unfortunately missed an assessment due to medical reasons. The administration office will help you with your bus pass, your University re-registration procedures or if you need a testimonial. Your programme coordinator is the academic who is directly assigned to you and your classmates from the same cohort to follow-up closely on any issue that may face. We have had students facing many hardships and we can only help or guide them when we are informed.

My advice to you is therefore to contact us sooner rather than later. There is much we can do to guide you in the beginning of each semester rather than waiting until the final exam is on your doorstep. The new normal has also posed additional challenges to all of us. You will soon need to master online platforms like Google Classroom and Zoom as well as learn how to electronically scan a handwritten assignment using your mobile phone before submitting the same to your lecturer for grading. As such, you are encouraged to embrace the change so as not to let it hinder your progress. Use the facilities provided to you wisely. You should be pro-active; you should be committed to your tasks, and you should keep moving forward independent of the obstacles that will lie ahead of you.

While three years may seem like a long time, it can go by relatively fast. Use this unique opportunity to build on your capacity while always remaining focused on those goals that you have. Another very important thing to remember is to familiarise yourself with the university rules and regulations that you can access online through our University website.

The Faculty of Science, like the University of Mauritius, is fully engaged towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), not only through some of its programmes, but through various research projects as well. We strive to achieve as many SDGs as we can, and we welcome you to be actively engaged in projects which have clearly defined SDGs. Do also engage yourself in extra-curricular activities. We are currently having the fourth day of our Virtual UoM Research Week today and the one for the Faculty of Science will be held tomorrow. Do listen to those inspiring talks for you to get a glimpse of the research carried out by students and academics of our Faculty. There are many other activities that you can also participate in to help your holistic development as a student. I wish you great success in your studies, and I hope, that each and every one of you will leave their footprints in this University. Indeed, there are many students, whom we still speak of, even though they have graduated and have gone to pursue a brilliant career outside the University.

We are proud of our Alumni. It is now up to you to make us proud of you too!!
Thank you for your kind attention.

Respectfully yours,

Associate Professor Désiré Yannick Tangman
Dean, Faculty of Science

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