The International Conference on Pure and Applied Chemistry (ICPAC) is a biennial conference which started in 2010. The 5th ICPAC conference (ICPAC-2018) will be held on 2-6 July 2018 in Mauritius. The Organising Committee has adopted the theme “Chemistry for a Clean and Healthy Planet” for this event. 


In 2018, we will mark the:
1. 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius, and
2. 100 years since the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Fritz Haber for the synthesis of ammonia.

Chemistry is one of the subjects of Science for understanding and explaining makeup and changes of everything that has mass and occupies space. Chemistry has permeated the study of different branches of Science.

Mauritius is among the top 10 countries you need to visit in 2018.

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The Government of Mauritius has taken note of ICPAC-2018.

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