Presenters Date
Venue Title of talk

Dr John Canal

19th Dec 2011 LT1 New approaches to laboratory instruction at Simon Fraser University

Prof Henrik Koch

18th Jan 2012 LT2 Reduced computational scaling in electronic structure methods

Prof Georgi N Vayssilov

2nd Feb 2012 G2 Application of Computational Chemistry for Investigation of the Structure and Properties of Heterogeneous Catalysts

Mr Vinod Gupta

16th Feb 2012 3.5 Synthesis of Novel Carbazole-based Functional Fluorescent Colorants and their Density Functional Theory Study

Dr Kathleen Too

20th Feb 2013

LT2 Scientific Publishing: The Do's and Don'ts

Dr David Tew

19th Aug 2013

1.6 Methods for Computing Accurate Molecular Energies Efficiently

Prof Mamokgethi Phakeng

3rd Sept 2013

G5 Africa: Is it Really a Rich Continent with Poor People?

Prof Helen P Kavitha

3rd Oct 2013


An Overview of the Ongoing Experimental Research in SRM University, Chennai - Exploring the Avenues of Computational Chemistry in Mauritius

Miss Hanusha Bhakhoa

18th Oct 2013


Theoretical Study of High Energy Density Materials

Mrs Naziah Jaufeerally

31st Oct 2013


Theoretical Study of Telluro-ketones

Mr Jalal Laloo

15th Nov 2013


SN2 Reactions (The Molecular Approach) and Computational Compilation (An Innovative Approach)

Miss Neelum Seeburrun

29th Nov 2013


A Theoretical Trip to the Family of Gallium Chalcogenide Clusters

Mr Pravesh Gohee

13th Dec 2013

3.4 Theoretical Insights on Aluminium and Gallium Antimonide Clusters

Dr Nandeo Choony

17th Dec 2013


Synthesis of Diels-Alder and Ene Cycloadducts using Trityl Chloride as a Steric Buttress

Miss Karishma Bahadoor

10th Jan 2014

3.4 Theoretical Investigation of Hydrogen-bonded Complexes of Methanethiol

Mr Irshad Domah

24th Jan 2014


Theoretical Study of DMSe with Trihalomethane

Mr Doogesh Kodi Ramanah

7th Feb 2014 3.4

Ab Initio Studies on Molecules of Potential Astrochemical Interest

Miss Sadiyah Ramjauny

21st Feb 2014 2.1 CBS Approach to Solve the Schrodinger Equation: An Application to [H, S, Se, Br]

Miss Pooja Surajbali

7th March 2014 3.4 A DFT Study on Molecules of Astrochemical Interest: Cyanoetheneselenol

Miss Nooreen Zeadally

21st March 2014 3.4

Theoretical Investigation of a Series of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Silver(I) Complexes

Dr Lydia Rhyman

4th April 2014 3.4

Diels-Alderase: Myth or Reality?

Dr Annapurna Nowduri

25th April 2014


Some Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies on the Oxidation of L-Cystine

Prof Kishor Arora

30th May 2014


Designing of new compounds based on methods other than traditional ones (Computer Aided Designing)

Prof Klaus Jurkschat

3rd July 2014    

Prof Rabin Bissessur

11th July 2014 LT2

Exfoliated Polyaniline-Tungsten Disulfide Nanocomposites

Dr Aude Marjolin

19th August 2014 RBLT

Theoretical Chemistry for Energy: From nuclear waste management to CO2 recycling

Prof Peter Atkins

16th September 2014 RBLT

The Nature of Energy

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