• All abstracts will be peer-reviewed and authors should ensure that abstracts are not plagiarised (including self-plagiarism).

  • Abstracts will be checked for similarity. Those with similarity greater than 30% overall and greater than 1% from one source, excluding references, will not be considered and must be revised.

  • Accepted abstracts for presentations will be collected in the book of abstracts and will be circulated in PDF. 
  • Abstracts, strictly as per the format and related to the conference topics, should be submitted using the online submission system only.

  • A formatted abstract (figures, schemes, tables and references, if any) should not exceed one A4 size page and should be in MS Word format.

    Kindly ensure that your abstract is read and approved by all co-authors before submission.

  • For information concerning deadline of submission, please refer to deadline page.

  • The presentations should preferably be in one of the following format:

         (1) Recommended format: Video (20-30 minutes) (Video may be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo)
         (2) PDF format (15-20 pages)
         (3) Powerpoint format (25-30 slides)