• The Organisation for the Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons (2013 Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

    Ambassador Odette Melono, Deputy-Director General

  • Prof Ada Yonath (2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry)

    Title of presentation: Next Generation Antibiotics

  • Prof Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2016 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry)

    Title of presentation: Chemical Topology Related to Molecular Knots

  • Keynote Presentations

  • Prof Stefano Costanzi
    Title of presentation: Expanding the Australia Group's Chemical Weapons Precursors Control List with a Family-Based Approach

  • Prof Sutopo Hadi
    photo Sutopo Hadi
    Title of presentation: The Disinfectant Activity of Some Organotin(IV) Nitrobenzoates and Their Molecular Docking Studies

  • Prof Merieme Chadid
    Title of presentation: IYBSSD2022: Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development

  • Dr Derek T Ndinteh
    Title of presentation: Antimalarial, Anti-Trypanosomiasis, Anti-HIV and Cytotoxicity Studies of some Ferrocenyl Schiff Bases

  • Prof Jane Catherine Ngila

    Title of presentation: Anodic Stripping Voltammetric Monitoring of Arsenic in Groundwater in of Marsabit County, Kenya
  • Prof Isel Pascual Alonso

    Title of presentation: Biochemical characterization of new low molecular weight compounds as
    Neutral Aminopeptidase (APN, a relevant target for cancer chemotherapy)
    inhibitors: effects on APN+ melanoma tumor cells

  • Prof Sultana Razia Syeda
    Title of presentation: A Framework for Integrating Chemical Safety and Environmental Impact in the Conceptual Design of Chemical Processes

  • Dr Andrew Szydlo

    Title of presentation: Obsolete Chemical Experiments

  • Prof Lili Zhao

    Title of presentation: Bond Nature of some Novel Molecules and their Applications

  • Dr Peter Hotchkiss

    Title of presentation: Recent work of the OPCW’s Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof Nethi Sekar
    Title of presentation: Molecular Nonlinearity in NIR active molecules

  • Prof Mark Casida
    CASIDA Mark
    Title of presentation: Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory (TD-DFT): A Retrospective Review with Some Thoughts about the Future

  • Dr Michael von Domaros

    Title of presentation: Multiscale Modeling of Human Skin Oil Oxidation and its Implications for Indoor Air Quality

  • Prof Amir Karton

    Title of presentation: Quantum Mechanical Thermochemical Predictions 100 years after the Schrödinger Equation

  • Dr Goedele Roos
    goedele foto
    Title of presentation: Cl- Oxidation by Myeloperoxidase, a Unique Histidine Bearing Heme-Dependent Halogen Peroxidases

  • Dr Gary Kerr
    Gary Kerr white background 2
    Title of presentation: Science Festivals: Using Art, Culture and a Little Bit of Chemistry to Engage New Audiences with Science

  • Dr Jane Murray and Prof Peter Politzer
    Title of presentation: Atoms Do Exist in Molecules: Analysis using Electrostatic Potentials at Nuclei

  • Ms Lauren Crawford
    Title of presentation: A Sense of Belonging in the Chemical Sciences

  • Dr João Borges
    Title of presentation: The International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN): Connecting and Empowering Early-Career Chemists Worldwide