This compulsory module will provide a solid background to PDM which students can further develop in the optional modules. Illustrative topics include:

  • Recent debt crises, economic impact and resolution
  • Social impact of debt crises (poverty, gender, youth)
  • Debt within a Public Financial Management (PFM) context
  • Determining the need for borrowing
  • Debt & cash management
  • Legal and institutional aspects of debt management
  • External debt (public and private) and the loan cycle
  • Domestic debt market development and borrowing
  • Recent developments in PDM
  • Sub-national debt
  • Debt data accounting and statistics
  • IT applications in PDM
  • Debt Sustainability Analysis
  • Cost and Risk trade offs
  • Contingent liabilities, on-lending and the issuance of government guarantees
  • Assets and liabilities management
  • Debt restructuring and rescheduling
  • Devising and implementing a Debt Management Strategy



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