The various activities relating to PDM need to be supported by an effective management information system. No single application can satisfy the requirements of a DMO. A number of systems therefore need to be deployed and integrated including:

  • An Auctioning System for the issuance of government securities
  • A Debt Recording System for loan administration and production of debt data statistics
  • Analytical tools for debt analysis and policy formulation
  • A Central Depository System, which provides an electronic record of the ownership of listed securities
  • Link to Treasury Systems
  • Link to Payment Systems (e.g. Swift)
  • Link to Accounting systems, IFMIS and Public Financial Management systems
  • Data feeds (Bloomberg; Reuters)
  • Web site

This course will explore the functions performed by the various IT systems used in PDM and discuss such issues as: off the shelf versus tailor made applications; systems integration; maintenance implications; contingency planning; better practices in IT systems implementation and administration; new developments (e.g. cloud technology) and their current and future impact.

Visits to or presentations by some of the main IT systems providers will be organised.

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